What happened to the o?


I see that you took notice to the fact that when I write the name of Adonai that I leave out the o and replace it with a dash. G-d or L-rd!  Why is that you wonder and I am glad that you asked!


Lets look at the Bible:


Deu 5:11 "You shall not take the name of the L-RD your G-d in vain: for the L-RD will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.


We are all very familiar with that passage and recognize it as the third commandment.  But what does it mean to us today? For most of us it means we should not use foul language or use G-ds name as a curse. But the true meaning goes much further indeed!


You probably also have heard the name Yahweh and might have wondered where that came from. Well the Israelites to whom G-d gave the commandments and the Law took that third commandment VERY seriously. To take something in vain means to take it in a casual way. How much do your pay attention to what is written down on a piece of paper?  Not much usually. In fact every day we throw away in the garbage lots of paper with writing on it.  Labels and things that we write that are not quite right and of course advertising and newspapers. 


So what if G-ds holy name was on that paper? Are we to take it so frivolously as to just discard it?  Is his name not precious? Are we being vain just tossing it out?  Well the Isrealites came up with a  solution to the problem!  They did not write his name out.  Instead they left out the vowels. And wrote the Hebrew letters Yod He Vod He.  Or in English YHVH which we translated into the word Yahweh and later Jehovah. Interestingly enough the Hebrew pronunciation for YHVH is Adonai.


So today many of us who would like to try to keep that commandment in a more perfect way so as to honor Jesus (Yshua) leave out the o  Its a way of saying I LOVE YOU L-RD!


So thats why I leave the o out of G-d Because I love Him!


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